Saturday, 6 June 2009

The results

are not ready for photographing yet. I have done 800g of Solstice, 400g each of Mordred, Skyblue and Nacre (a new one that I rather like) and three huge vats full of fleece, the last two of which are still simmering and one of which (in yellows, turquoises and purples) is draped up drying. I've had enough now and my hip's hurting from standing up too long.

Mark'll be back shortly from walling, so while he's soaking in a bath I shall make a salad to go with the garlic and mustard roasted chicken (which I've just prepared and is now ready to chuck in the oven) and chips. I've half a bottle of white wine left from last night. Any my favourite programme of the week - "You've Been Framed" - is on at 6pm. Can we say schadenfreude....?

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  1. You're lucky to be dyeing this week, thankfully the tiler has finished in the kitchen, so I shall be able to get back to dyeing my alpaca rovings next week. A week of not being ableto dye this close to Woolfest is not a good thing, but the price he quoted to do the work was such that he fitted it in with his other jobs, so the kitchen has been out of bounds to dyeing since Tuesday