Friday, 12 June 2009

More headgear.

Having quiet hat frenzy here, amidst all the dyeing. I've rather enjoying having a couple of small projects on the go instead of carting Mark's Orkney gansey about on the train. I've done this particular style a few times before, but don't seem to hang on to them well. This one is for me - that's the theory anyway.

View from the side. I rather like this pattern, although I can't decide whether it's a candelabra, tree, fern or feather. Any ideas?

Detail of the edging/fold.

Well, I've got at least one sheep done for the Sheep Auction at Woolfest this year. Being me, it's not just a sheep. Mark has actually rather admired it and indicated he would wear one - I shall take him at his word, because once I'd worked out the head and tail it didn't take at all long. The tail may change, though. I used a brushed mohair yarn alongside a cream aran to get a lovely halo on the fabric, though that's not necessary.

It doesn't actually look too silly once it's on. I think.


  1. Soo cute! Still think you need to knit one with legs... Love the green one.

  2. Oh it's gorgeous...actually legs wouldn't be a bad idea! Love the new hat too, the candletree looks great whatever it is! Looking forward to Woolfest with gentle trepidation!!! See you soon!


    Thumbs up