Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Another sheep, and the yarn...

This is the last but one lot of dyeing, I hope. Boucle, dk, lace and 4ply, in various colours. Nearly dry enough to reskein. The sockstuff fibre was done this afternoon - a pot each of blues, greens, oranges, yellows, and purply reds. They'll all be drumcarded up by the weekend.

I've made another sheep cap. This is in a lovely soft natural grey Polwarth, in a slightly less stiff fabric. Brushed mohair for the embroidered spirals and the topknot. I rather love the face on this one.

You can't see her tail, but it's a bit better than the tail on the first one, which will be surgically removed and replaced with a different one this evening.

I'm planning to annoy Mark by packing fibre into cellophane bags all evening. It makes a horrible rustling noise, and if the window has to be open due to warm evening and drying fibre, the television will have to be at a deafening volume to hear anything at all.

I think the end's in sight. Off to turn over roast chicken over (new idea, it's stuffed with black pudding so I'll be interested to see if it works), chop up new potatoes for sauteeing, and shred a salad. Sounds almost healthy doesn't it.


  1. hiya freyalyn you need to do a fluffywelshsheep next lol

    hehe linz

  2. Hiya Freyalyn, Wrist warmers i made with the wool i got from wonderwool :) can be viewed on ravelry and my blog now with pictures