Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wonderwool post

This has been a very long weekend, and my shoulders and arms are still stiff from all the driving, not to mention my left hip which really disagrees with two days' worth of standing on concrete. Ridged, cold concrete at that. I must try and remember some kind of floor-covering for Woolfest.
We stuffed the dogs in the front of the hire van as we loaded. They were not happy, and were even unhappier when we briefly stopped at my parents' and dropped Bil off with his lead, his bowl and his bed. Lunil was as good as gold all the time in the van - she lay down quietly on the floor, and the only problem was the odd time when the clutch pedal seemed a good chin rest.

Mark at the stall on Sunday morning. The yarn had gone down considerably by then, and all the spare fibre under the tables was already out. There was lots of interest in my Mallorn shawl (at the back, pattern out soon), the Greenleaf cap and wristies, and my Tree Coat - which I must write up at some point.

The other side of the stall. Pauline the Button Lady and I had a huge stall between us - the workshops were behind this wall, which is why it was much deeper and gave us more space. And it was useful to have the workshops there - on Sunday morning we were raided by the felters and sold LOTS.

Sally Pointer's stall, which is always worth a look. I love her hats - my plain black one had a new Greenleaf hatband. The green hat at the back of the stall actually has Sally underneath, the camouflaging properties are excellent!

And this was the stall opposite us, Presteigne Home Stores, so I spent a lot of time admiring it. Beautiful antique quilts and welsh blankets. I have a blanket in regular use that is just like one in the corner - £150. Eeek, just as well I treat it with great respect.

This was my unexpected extravagance. I popped in to see Hedgehog Equipment; it seemed logical as they're the main maker of drumcarders in the UK and I'm teaching the workshops on drumcarders at Woolfest. I had a lovely chat - I was originally thinking of getting a couple more sets of handcarders as I'm always short when teaching longdraw spinning classes, but they very kindly said that if I ever needed any at an event they were at I could borrow their teaching sets. But as they'd offered me a discount there and then it seemed a pity not to indulge. I now have three drumcarders, which could be regarded as extravagant. However, they all do different things in different ways, and I can now offer drumcarding workshops without borrowing - that's the theory anyway. This thing make enormous batts - I was playing with it last night. I had a bag of Romney in lovely greys (thanks Sarah) which I'd washed a while ago - I carded the pale grey last night and spun some up watching 'Mind of a Tyrant' and it's come up beautifully. I shall enjoy working out how to use it best.

We stopped briefly about fifteen minutes out of Builth Wells on the way home, for Lunil to have a leg stretch. Mark had enjoyed the weekend.

Swans nesting. They were completely unalarmed by the proximity of the carparking spot as it was fenced off.

Finally got home about 10.30 after picking up Bil. Must remember that Stafford Services on the M6 is by far the best for dogs. Phew.

I shall have a week or so off (apart from a couple of orders I took for colours and fibres I didn't have there and then) and then start up for Woolfest. Going by how much stuff I sold in Wales, I have lots of wool to dye up.

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