Monday, 6 April 2009

Spinning, at last.

Finally got around to stuffing this through the wheel on Sunday; it's the superfine merino I dyed in Beryl last week. It's come up in a really nice 3-ply in a thin dk weight, and I started another attempt at the Greenleaf cap in it on the train this morning.

This is the blackboard on the kitchen door that I use to keep track of what colours and fibres I've dyed. This is the weekend's lot - I finished off my bag of kid mohair (about a kilo and a half) as well as other things. I'm terrified of mislabelling, so I'm being very careful.

These photos were taken this morning by flash and not natural, so the colours aren't quite right. The lovely shiny ripply stuff in the front is kid mohair, and the green to its left is some superwash BFL that I was given last year. That's for ME - and I already have ideas for it - after I've spun it (there's 500g +, so it won't be instant).

And this is just the front of the creel - there are three bars, and all are full.

I'll leave this at least today if not tomorrow before packing, and there's yarn I need to re-skein, measure and label upstairs. No rest for the wicked, or even slightly naughty.

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