Tuesday, 21 April 2009


This is it, all packaged, listed, priced, labelled. I think this is the earliest I've ever been organised. That pile is solid wool by the way - there are ten large bags, two small bags (the exotics), and three boxes of yarns. It's all piled in the large dogbed, and they are not pleased.

They were even more unhappy last night, when it was all over the place as I sorted each bag in turn. Mark came in from work to a rather yummy pork and noodle stir-fry and a specially cleared armchair, and still chuntered because I was making so much rustling. I pointed out it was his fault; he was the one who provided the cellophane bags for it all.

I have started a list on the blackboard of things not to forget. And yes, I do put obvious things on like 'fibre', 'tent', 'change'. We'll still forget something though.

Hope the weather lasts, at least until we can get our tent up on dry ground. Nothing worse than squelching under the tent.

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