Thursday, 30 April 2009

Greenleaf Cap...

... is now added to Ravelry as a free download. I'm hoping to write up the Mallorn shawl properly, legible charts and all, after my weekend away at the Burning Wicker Man festival down at Butser this weekend, and post it next week. Or not. Depends how frazzled I am when I come back. We're in the roundhouse on Saturday night, for which I'll have to take my airmattress although I'm borrowing sleeping bag etc. Photos will be taken and report made on my other blog next week.

However, I cut and picked up for the second sleeve on my third Ramshorn jacket this weekend, a year since I started it now, and the end is in sight. So much stuff to do, so little time.

My new drumcarder is settling in well. Huge batts. Much better cranking ratio than the others.

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  1. Hi Freyalyn!

    I love your Greenleaf Cap! I made it last weekend and am very happy with it. :-)

    Since I wanted fingerless gloves to go with it, I reduced your border significantly in size - my initial thought was that the difference was big enough to be okay for me to post the instructions in my blog, but the longer I think about it the more I feel I really should check with you. Is it okay? I will remove the instructions otherwise.