Friday, 17 April 2009

Done? Wonderwool, Woolfest - eek.....

Vast amounts of dyeing has been done over the days I had off over Easter. I have used up all the kid mohair, all the superwash merino, and made huge dents in the other stuffs I've got stockpiled. All I have left to do is package up the Teeswater fleece, about 2 kilos of superwash tops, and drumcard the sockstuff into multi-coloured batts. I always underestimate how long the drumcarding takes me, and I'm supposed to be demonstrating drumcarding/blending fibres at Guild tomorrow morning, a bit of a dry run for the workshop I'm running at Woolfest at the end of June. I thought I'd see what sort of things people actually wanted to see/try/ask before I thought about an actual formal workshop. And as I'll only have an hour at Woolfest (on both days) I really need to make sure I'm doing something people want to see/do/try.

But in the haste to keep the pots bubbling away, I sort of didn't get around to any photographing. I shall regret it later, but when all the packaging's finished I still have to sort all the stuffed laundry bags out and list everything I have, as well as pricing it all. And then produce price lists, extra cards and a few other things at work next week.

We have a transit van booked for Wonderwool - the Disco really isn't big enough, as we have to get Lunil's crate, all the camping stuff, and more fibre and yarn than I took to either of the shows last year. And it will be easier and faster to drive for such a long journey. With it having a huge bench seat across the front we can stuff Lunil in the middle and she can see where she's going. Bil will stay with Ma and Pa - it'll be much easier with just one monster to deal with.

Vast amounts of knitting has been done too. I made a pair of socks for Mark in the Aracaunia we bought the other week at Coldspring Mill, started (and nearly finished) another pair for Katie as well as a Fuzzy Mitten rabbit, both in yarn she sent to me. Neither has been photographed yet, although I'm really pleased with the bunny - appropriate knitting for the festival.

The Greenleaf cap at the top of this entry is finished to my satisfaction, but I haven't typed up the pattern yet to publish on Ravelry. Next week, if I've time. I've been wearing it, and it was photographed on Tuesday at Harlow Carr in amongst some rather splendid spring flowers.

Looking at all the fibres and yarns this time, it struck me that I really seem to have gone for saturated colours, and more brights this time. Let's hope they sell. There's an awful lot of stuff to go up on Etsy if it doesn't, though I suppose it means I won't have to dye much more for Woolfest.


  1. I *love* the hat. I'm ashamed to say I was unaware of your blog...::click click:: ...there, now it's added to my netvibes page. :-D I'll look forward to your posts and to reading back a bit. Your fiber dyeing is incredible!
    Thanks so much for your comment about my Ruth socks...yes, she was a very special person.
    marta (at) martaschmarta (dot) com