Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tuesday 24th's dyeing

I did pop a couple of pots on yesterday afternoon, more of that Corriedale fleece. This is now about half of it (it was a big fleece; it was sold in four separate bags on two separate stalls at Wonderwool last year, and I had to track it down) and the rest's soaking.

I'm not a hot colours person, but I love this. So intense...

And my fibre-pusher in Guiseley popped a couple of samples through the door yesterday. One was a 21-micron merino, which was lovely. The other was a 19-micron Australian merino that is just lovely. I shall do a quick spinning felting test on both this afternoon, but am still leaning towards the finer. It will dye beautifully....

On the minus side, when I came home from work Lunil was looking guilty at the top of the stairs. In the sitting room there was dead, in pieces all over the floor, two small balls of wool and the entire 100g of Hyacinth BFL I was saving for me. The vile Tid had removed them from the bag they were concealed in and obviously tempted Lunil. I was not happy. And now have to think again (and dye again) for my Ravelry Folklore swap.


  1. The colours in that top one are gorgeous...from the photo it almost looks like oil on water!

  2. I bet the cat didn't look guilty, just the dog.