Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Monday 23rd's dyeing

I bought a fleece at last year's Wonderwool that, apart from being washed and a small sample spun, hasn't been touched. It's a Corriedale ewe's fleece, in creams and beiges and pale browns.

Some got stuffed in the dyepots last night - some with greens and golds and some with reds and blues.

More alpaca - this time in Plum.

And this lot's in Sailor, which I'm really pleased with - I love the ever-so-slightly greenish tint to this blue blend which tips it over in the the maritime.

I took the photos this morning, about 6am in front of the window - the sun wasn't up because we're too low down in the valley, but there was strong light coming through and combined with the flash I got a pretty accurate rendition of the Flora alpaca.

And again, I rephotographed the Mirkwood - this is a much better likeness. I have now run out of the bouncy, shorter-stapled fine wool that most of the last week or so's dyeing has consisted of.

I rang the chap I buy bulk fibre from last night; he has some bumps of a 19-micron merino in and is sending me a sample. If this is as nice as it sounds, I shall have to invest. In the meantime, I have a pile of superwash merino to weigh out and start dyeing, and the 2 kilos of coloured BFL I got from Adelaide Walker's last week.

I may not dye this afternoon, as I have an appointment with some needles and have no idea how sorry for myself I shall be feeling afterwards. And, as ever, the pupz need a big chunk of my afternoon for their constitutional - at least the lovely springlike weather means pupz remain dry and unmuddy and fibre dries quickly.


  1. oooh would this be the kind of needlework that is permanent? Great dyeing as usual, don't know how you squeeze it all in!

  2. I don't know how I squeeze either! And yes, permanent. See other blog.