Monday, 30 March 2009

Last weekend in March...

... not long til Wonderwool. Much dyeing has been done. This is what the creel looked like on Friday evening, with most of last week's dyeing piled up. This has all been packaged up and bagged, and more is on its way.

My 10 kilo bump of 16-micron Australian merino arrived on Friday evening, and it's wonderful.

This is what it looks like dyed with Murex. I've got to be careful with it, because it will felt extremely easily.

I haven't decided what to call this colour yet - I was aiming for bright yellows which hasn't quite been achieved. This is the superfine,

And this is the Bluefaced Leicester, which has muted the brightness somewhat. Not completely happy with it.

I really don't like this, and have no idea why I've wasted 400g of the BFL with it. It worked brilliantly on the much darker 'black' BFL last year, but this paler coloured fibre isn't working. I'll package up anyway, but will probably end up overdyeing at the end of the season.

Beech on the superfine - I love this. It's brighter in real life, and really is the colour of new leaves coming through.

This is Mirkwood on both BFL and superwash. I covet this particular

There are several more colours, including the extra bright Festival and some more camel/silk, but the dark had come down on me yesterday evening before it was dry and 'pouffed' enough to photograph, and of course it wasn't properly light this morning when I left, because of the stupid BST.

I have loaded a new pattern on to Ravelry - Greenleaf Wristwarmers. I'm partaking in a swap on the Folklore list, and while I was thinking about the edging on the Mallorn Shawl (end in sight, if I remain happy with the edging so far) I found something to play with in Barbara Walker 2. I've done one and a half pairs of these so far, and I can see more in my future.

I wonder how many uses of this pattern I can find?

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