Thursday, 26 March 2009

I have lost...

... my photo card and until I get another one (bought this am on eBay) there will be no photos. Not a happy bunny - I think it must been pulled out of my bag yesterday afternoon as I was going home. I'd kept it in the same pocket as my metrocard, which with hindsight was not a good idea.

I finished off the Corriedale fleece last night, with purpley-blues, greens and hot orangey-gold, then did 400g of coloured BFL in Northern Lights. I shall have to do some packaging to clear some drying space.


  1. Funnily enough I finally gave in and ordered a new photocard from E bay USA this week, as mine doesn't hold enough...I really needed a 1gb card!

  2. love the colours on the Corriedale fleece, esp the blues . I haven't done any dyeing for a weeek or so but you have inspired me to dig some fleece out. Got to look as if I am reducing my fleece mountain before WWW