Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I have designs

I did mean to mention - none of the fibres I'm dyeing are being put up anywhere formally for sale until after Wonderwool. But if anyone's reading this and feels their life won't be complete until they have some in their hot sweaty little mitts NOW, please do drop me a line and I'll either pop it on Etsy for you or sell direct. Always eager to please, me.

This is the second pair of Greenleaf Wristwarmers, which I finished last night. Mark actually managed to get the camera to focus! I'm really pleased with these, and will surely make more - I managed to load the .pdf properly on Ravelry this morning, and am very flattered by the amount of people who've favourited and queued it!

This has been on the needles since Friday evening - I cast it on on the train to Bradford and knitted a good two-thirds of it so far during Terry Jones' screen talk and 'Erik the Viking' at the Media Museum. It's one I've done several times before and given as presents - as it's been well received, I'll write up a pattern this week. Good basic cinema knitting. (Zagged Garter scarf).

And the above reminded me of this - this lives over my chair at work, and is the first example of my Very Basic Garter Stitch Shawl. It's so basic that any pattern would be more of a recipe than a formal pattern as such, but it's a good base to embellish with interesting edges.

I churned out a few more greens towards the end of Sunday's session. This is a much brighter green than Mirkwood, called Beryl. The top is on the superfine merino, the bottom on BFL.

This is Redleaf on BFL. I think more reds will be in the pots this afternoon. And oranges and golds. But not too many - purples, blues and greens sell better. And must remember to do sludgey colours too - like Baranduin and Dorlomin.

My basic blue this year, Sailor, on the superfine. This would make an utterly gorgeous lace something or other, spun into fine yarn, with it being shades of similar colour.

I did mention I'd done some bright stuff, didn't I? Festival on superfine.

Demeter. One of my favourites from last year, slightly tweaked because I have different orange dyes. Another one of the colourways that's much, much better on the coloured BFL than white fibre.

I was intending to go on another fibre acquisition hunt up to Adelaide's yesterday afternoon, with Eleanor, but they were shut. We're off on Wednesday instead. Need more BFL, and I'll get some Teeswater, and probably some Cheviot, which makes fabulous bouncy yarn (and is perfect for socks). North Country sheep - what could be better?

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